The Uniform

Why do most Catholic schools require uniforms?

The tradition goes back to Medieval times when caps and gowns were required at universities. Thus, all students regardless of background dressed alike, and all would show an outward sign of their dedication to the task of learning together within the university community.

In other words, from the very beginning, uniforms have been in support of three goals: modesty, professionalism, and community, or school spirit. Our uniform policy aims at the same three goals.

We ask the students to wear the uniform so they look professional. The work that we do at school is part of a student’s life that is extraordinary, set apart from the ordinary routines of life.

In our Western tradition, we dress up for extraordinary events to show their importance and our respect for those who participate in them with us. We dress up for Mass and for the work day, and we dress up for school. We ask that the uniforms are neat and clean, that cuffs are rolled down and buttoned, that ties are neatly fastened, and that accessories are fitting for a professional environment.

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