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Founding Family Tuition Lock-In

March 25th is a special day for our school. Not only is it the feast of the Annunciation, marking the Incarnation - the center point of our entire curriculum, it also marks the anniversary of our official incorporation as Chesterton Academy of St. Louis! 

This has been an incredible journey requiring ongoing discernment, perseverance, faith, and trust. But it has also brought a blossoming community, answered prayers, and grace beyond measure. 

In gratitude for the families taking a leap of faith with us, we are offering a four year Founding Family Tuition Lock-In for those who enroll by March 25th. This means that as tuition rates go up each year, all students of these Founding Families would keep the $8200 tuition rate until the 2027-28 school year!

Applicants looking to take advantage of this tuition lock-in incentive would need to have their applications turned in, in full, by March 8th to allow time for family interviews and admissions decisions. 

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