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Tuition Announcement!

The tuition for the 2023-2024 school year will be $8,200 per student.

This tuition is extremely low relative to nearby private schools, which charge an average of over $17,000 per student, per year, for high school. 

The tuition represents a small fraction of the total cost needed to educate each student at Chesterton Academy. We intend to keep tuition low in order to welcome students from large families and all income levels. However, based on our financial projections, it will cost us close to $25,000 per student to operate the school the first year. This means tuition income covers only about 33% of the actual cost—a 67% discount!

The difference will be made up by generous donors who believe in the mission of the school.

In addition to tuition, there will be a book fee of $695. Students will also be responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and school supplies.

Financial Aid

We aim to offer financial aid to families who are most in need, and we are currently looking for benefactors to make this possible. We do not want money to be a limiting factor for any student to attend Chesterton Academy of St. Louis.

Applications open October 1st, 2022. In the meantime, you can help our planning efforts by filling out our Interest Survey. We have information meetings once a month. We'd love to see you at one! See our calendar for details. 


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